The mission of High Country Audubon is simple! Help new birders as well as seasoned birders, enjoy the birds and natural wonders North Carolina has to offer.  To achieve this goal, habitats for birds must be preserved.  Your generous donation will help fund youth educational programs, chimney swift tower construction, habitat restoration through native plants and lot more.  With your help, we can accomplish our mission and strive to provide a better environment for us and the birds in the years to come.  See "How We Help". Donation opportunities as shown below are:

Donations to the General Fund  are used to fund, wildlife protection, conservation, education and, general operating expenses.     The Sue Wells  Research Grant is given to provide high school or university students with financial assistance for research concerning birds of the North Carolina High Country. Funds must be used in support of research or fieldwork in ornithology or in an area of study that will directly benefit birds or bird habitats.  The HCAS Birding Scholarship will award up to $700 to a college student or recent graduate, or up to four students/graduates who apply as a group, to help them attend a CBC meeting in either North or South Carolina during the upcoming calendar year. Wetland Restoration The Watauga County commissioners and the City of Boone are planning to restore acres of wetlands adjacent to the park.  HCAS is collaborating with these two agencies during the planning stages and has offered long term financial assistance to the park.