Local Birding Hotspots

The interactive map below shows birding sites in the High Country Audubon Society five-county area (Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Watauga, and Wilkes).

Click on a marker on the map to see the name of the birding site and a link to an information file for that site.  The information file contains the following:  species of interest, a link to the eBird bar chart, habitats, access and parking information, site description, special considerations and directions.  (On smartphones and tablets, you will receive a Redirect Notice in which you must click on another link to display the information file.  You will still be on the HCAS website after the redirection.  You also have an option to return to the previous page.)

Alternatively, click on the icon in the upper left corner to see the map legend which consists of a list of the birding sites.   Click on a site in the list to see the link to the information file.

A larger map can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner.  (This option works best on laptop and desktop computers as opposed to smartphones and tablets.)

Below the map is a list of direct links to the birding site information files.  Click on a link in the list to open the file.

Direct links to birding site information files:

  1. Beacon Heights
  2. Boone Greenway – Clauson-Burnley Park
  3. Boone Greenway – Boone Wastewater Treatment Plant
  4. Brookshire Park
  5. E.B. Jeffress Park
  6. Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail
  7. Green Valley Community Park
  8. Julian Price Memorial Park – Price Lake boat rental parking lot
  9. Julian Price Memorial Park – Boone Fork parking lot
  10. Kerr Scott – Visitor Center
  11. Kerr Scott – Skyline Marina
  12. Kerr Scott – Bandit’s Roost CG
  13. Kerr Scott – Boomer Park
  14. Kerr Scott – Blood Creek Overlook
  15. Kerr Scott – Warrior Creek CG (pay to park)
  16. Kerr Scott – Warrior Creek CG (free to park)
  17. Kerr Scott – Mountain View Overlook
  18. Kerr Scott – Marley’s Ford WMA
  19. Kerr Scott – Fort Hamby Park
  20. Kerr Scott – Smithey’s Creek Boat Ramp
  21. Lewis Fork Overlook
  22. Meat Camp Environmental Studies Area
  23. Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery
  24. Pond Mountain Game Land
  25. Sims Pond Overlook & Green Knob Trail
  26. Stone Mountain State Park
  27. Trout Lake in Moses Cone Estate
  28. Valle Crucis Community Park
  29. Beech Mountain