Volunteer Opportunities

Our birders understand the importance of native habitat and research to the well-being of our birding populations. HCAS schedules numerous volunteer activities during the course of the year. Many of these workdays are invasive species removal days at our area public parks. Some are days for helping to build or repair trails that access birding areas. Other workdays involve the planting of native landscaping. All contribute to helping our birds thrive! See our calendar for scheduled activities.

HCAS also conducts yearly Christmas Bird Counts at Grandfather Mountain, Stone Mountain, the New River Valley, Upper Wilkes County and the Mt. Jefferson area. These counts contribute to long-term data that represents an accurate picture of the health of our bird populations. HCAS also helps conduct spring bird counts across the region, such as those at Grandfather Mountain. Finally, HCAS aids in breeding bird surveys across the region.