IBAs (Important Bird Areas)

Important Bird Areas are regions throughout the country that the National Audubon Society has scientifically determined to be critical in preserving birding populations. Each area may contribute to a single or multiple bird species and may provide a variety of needs.  These needs may include breeding habitat, migratory shelter, or food during multiple seasons.  The role of HCAS with regards to the IBAs is multi-faceted: we help monitor native habitat for invasion by exotic invasive plant species which might destroy or negatively impact important bird habitat; we conduct workdays to eradicate invasive species; we conduct bird counts to help provide necessary data on changes to birding populations; and when appropriate, we notify our members of advocacy efforts to help protect these important bird areas.  When combined, our efforts help with the overall objective of creating safe havens for the birding populations of the High Country.

The Important Bird Areas of Western North Carolina that lie within HCAS’s area are:

  • Amphibolite Mountains
  • Bullhead Mountain–Mahogany Rock
  • Grandfather Mountain
  • New River Corridor
  • Northern Escarpment
  • Stone Creek/Doughton Park
  • Wilson Creek/Linville Gorge

For more information, see Audubon’s IBA web page and Audubon North Carolina’s article on IBAs of North Carolina.