Beyond HCAS’s standard schedule of activities are a multitude of projects, some of which promise to significantly improve wildlife habitat for birds when completed. The High Country is resplendent with many forested natural communities but has fewer wetland habitats. Wetlands are not only nature’s primary means of filtering water but also provide a much higher degree of biological diversity than many other natural communities. Greater biological diversity means a greater variety of wildlife and a more sustainable natural community. The High Country would benefit greatly from improved and expanded wetland habitats. The projects linked below will each, if successful, improve water filtration as well as provide prime wildlife habitat.

Additional projects include establishment of native gardens at area parks. Please see tiles below. Finally, HCAS has adopted a section of River Road along the New River. The NC Department of Transportation Adoption program provides a means for HCAS to make sure the road along the New River remains pristine while also providing great visual name recognition for HCAS to the thousands of tubers and kayakers who utilize the river annually.

Click on the links below to learn more about the projects.