Brookshire Park Project

Watauga County has plans to restore the remaining floodplain wetlands at Brookshire Park.  HCAS will be contributing to this effort in the planning stages and in helping to build viewing platforms.  Watauga County has applied to the Clean Water Management Trust Fund for funding for this project.  HCAS’s objectives for this project are the establishment of wetland habitat for shorebirds and migrating waterfowl.

In the area across the river from Brookshire Park, the Town of Boone has purchased a 50-acre plat of land for the town’s new Town Hall.  Approximately 25 acres of this parcel are in the floodplain.  HCAS has submitted two proposals to the town: 1) to develop a birding park and 2) to develop wastewater treatment wetlands.  This project will be years in the future, but HCAS will continue to lobby for a wetlands solution for this floodplain land.

Brookshire Park